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3.4 (episode 71) featuring AMY BASKIN!

Amy Baskin’s work is currently featured in Kai Coggin’s Wednesday Night PoetryPilgrimage, and The Timberline Review. She is a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee, an Oregon Literary Arts Fellow, and an Oregon Poetry Association prize winner. When not writing, she helps run literary arts programs including Fir Acres Writing Workshop at Lewis & Clark College. HYSTERICAL CAKE (Dancing Girl Press, 2022) is her first chapbook. NIGHT HAG (Unsolicited Press, 2023), her first full-length collection, will be available in April.

Amy can be found on Facebook and Instagram at @amybaskinwrites and sometimes on Twitter@amybaskin . You can DM Amy your mailing address for copies of Hysterical Cake. They’re $10, including shipping in the U.S. and you can Venmo here at @Amy-M-Baskin . 

Amy’s in-house artist and spouse who’s doing cover art for NIGHT HAG is Jason Baskin. Jason has work up on Instagram at @jasonbaskin.

About the reading:

“The work I’m sharing with the Bad Mouth community deals primarily with the ascendance of the divine feminine. HYSTERICAL CAKE, my first chapbook, thematically examines womanhood, cycles of creation, preservation, and destruction, the dissolution of notions of self, and the concept of radical kinship. NIGHT HAG, my upcoming first collection, is an exploration of submission versus agency, of questioning versus acceptance, interspersed with reflections on and by Lilith. Lilith, in Jewish folklore, was Adam’s first wife, before Eve. Lilith saw herself as Adam’s equal and refused to submit to him. In Hebrew myths, she is depicted as a demon who left Adam for a new lover, the fallen angel Samael. She has been cast as a thief in the night who steals babies. A demon of abortion. A sex glutton. A woman guilty of the crime of choosing when and if she becomes a mother.  Lilith’s ‘heresy,’ like all heresy, comes from the Greek ecclesiastical term for ‘choice.'”

Watch Amy Baskin’s reading here
Amy Baskin. Photo by Nina Johnson, on Instagram @ninaleejohnson 


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