2.10 (Episode 63) Featuring Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth Lee’s work has appeared in Santa Fe NoirPleiades Magazine, the upcoming winter issue of The Chestnut Review and was a finalist in The Hunger Journal’s 2021 Prose Contest. Ms. Lee received her BA in English at Brown University and her MFA in Creative Writing at Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) in Santa Fe. She is currently working on a novel about two sisters separated during the Japanese occupation in Korea (Island), and a memoir about trauma, womanhood, and infertility (The Remembering Body). She’s a former Fulbright scholar, documentary filmmaker, television producer, and massage therapist. She lives with her husband and two dogs in Santa Fe.  

About the reading:

“The reading is taken from a chapter in the novel I’m currently working on called Island, about two sisters separated during the Japanese occupation in Korea. While the younger sister moves to Boston where she is able to pursue the American Dream, the older sister gets tricked into going to a Japanese military brothel on the island of Palau, where along with thirty or so women (“comfort women”) she is forced into servicing the sexual needs Japanese soldiers stationed there during World War II. After a year on the island, fifteen-year old Eunyoung encounters a new young woman who has otherworldly powers to help individuals connect back to their loved one back home, reminding both the women and the soldiers alike, who they were before the war came along.”

Watch Elizabeth’s reading here!
Elizabeth Lee


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