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2.13 (Episode 66) featuring Alicia Elkort!

Alicia Elkort (she/her) has been nominated thrice for the Pushcart, twice for Best of the Net and once for the Orisons Anthology. Her first book of poetry will be published in the fall of 2022 by Stillhouse Press. She was the finalist in the 2019 Two Sylvias Press Book Prize and has been published in numerous journals and anthologies. She lives in Santa Fe, NM, and works as a Life Coach. For more info or to watch her two video poems:

About the reading:

The poems included in the reading are from my first book which will be published in November by Stillhouse Press. A Map of Every Undoing centers on my experiences of trauma and living as a girl/woman in a culture that diminishes the feminine.  In every poem, I work through what it means to heal the heart and psyche, in relation to trauma but also in relationship to others in the world, especially family—mothers, fathers, siblings.  Part of healing is crafting a voice in the world, and to this effect, I also deconstruct mythology and fairytale and re-construct well known storylines in a progressive paradigm that praises the feminine.  Ultimately, I am telling a story through my poems, and the story is one grace, reconciliation, and sometimes surrender. But it’s also a map of a way through—to living fiercely and courageously. 

Check out Alicia’s reading here!

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