2.1 (episode 53) featuring KOFI ANTWI

Kofi Antwi is an African American writer, educator, and assistant editor of Black Arts Movement Reader. Kattywompus Press published Kofi’s debut book Tidal Wave. Kofi’s devoted work to inner city communities has formed a relationship as facilitator of writing workshops that explore lyrics and memory as entries into one’s writing. Kofi’s writing was featured in Staten Island Arts Exhibition: Know Me, an exploration about identity through the lens of creative arts. Kofi’s poem “vintage: was nominated for Best Poem on The Web. Antwi’s writing has been published by Great Weather For Media, No, Dear, Rigorous, and various literary magazines and journals. 

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Instagram: Kofiantwi_

Twitter: KofiAntwi_

Venmo: kofi-antwi-3

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Pronouns – He/Him

About Tidal Wave: Tidal Wave speaks to the interconnectedness that explores an aesthetic of abstract art. The use of ‘we’ in Tidal Wave fortifies the merge of collective voices, akin to the community that harvest a forgotten borough. The writing in Tidal Wave wrestles with language reimagined through placement of rhythmic science.

Kofi Antwi
Kofi Antwi reading James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues” followed by a piece of his own work.


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