1.15 featuring BRYN GRIBBEN

Bryn Gribben is a senior lecturer of English at Seattle University, teaching literature, creative non-fiction, and composition, but her SU students call her their steampunk fairy godmother.  She has taught at the Richard Hugo House, was the co-editor of fiction for The Laurel Review, and is currently the creative non-fiction managing editor for Big Fiction Magazine. Bryn’s work can be found in Superstition Review, The Rappahannock Review, River River, the HCE Review, among others, and her poem “The Postmaster General Declares Lynching Postcards Unmailable” is included in the anthology Suitcase of Chrysanthemums, from great weather for MEDIA.  Tilde nominated Bryn’s essay “Cabin” for a 2019 Pushcart Prize.  Please feel free to find an agent for her manuscript, Amplified Heart:  An Emotional Discography, a series of essays on intimacy and music.

Bryn’s reading

Other selected links:

More creative nonfiction from Bryn’s music project.   “A History of Us in Debt.”

And another poem from Bryn’s chapbook manuscript, Hidden Histories:

“The Siamese Twins Have Sex, or Thank You, Harry Houdini.”

Author Interview.

Listen to Bryn read “Divorce Closet” through Superstition Review here:

Bryn Gribben


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